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Thank you for visiting the Wicwas Press website. Wicwas Press LLC is a specialty publisher focusing on honey bees and beekeeping. We offer our current titles as well as titles of merit from other publishers. If you are interested in a quantity of any title or group of titles, please contact me directly.

Several of our books are used as textbooks in bee schools and beekeeping training. Consider using Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping and/or Bee-sentials: A Field Guide in you new beekeeping training or in the classroom. Several bee clubs have used the following titles for training in speciality classes: Queen Rearing Essentials, Bee Sex Essentials, and Increase Essentials.

At this site you will find information about our current publications, how to place an order, our PayPal bookstore, my speaking fees, past journal articles and publications and full versions of the webinars I have participated in over the past few years. My editor, Rob Muir, and webmaster, Alex Aivars and I have worked hard to develop a simple site containing a great deal of information. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Upcoming Programs

Date Title Location Registration
2014/07/28-2014/08/01 EAS 2014 Richmond, KY

EAS 2014 Registration

2014/08/15-2014/18/16 2nd annual South Florida Bee College Ft. Lauderdale Research and Education Center

2nd annual South Florida Bee College Registration

2015/07/09-2015/07/11 HAS 2015 Albion College, Michigan